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More Than A Survivor Cover

More Than a Survivor

A Devotional and Journal for Those Healing From Trauma & Abuse. Within these pages you’ll find: 

      – Daily devotionals
      – Encouragement
      – Prayers
      – A Dot Journal
      – Coloring Pages

This devotional and journal is created with you in mind and can be a safe space to process your thoughts while you walk this road to healing.

Inspire Courage

Courage. It’s a big word, isn’t it? For some it means being brave when faced with scary situations. For others, courage is an inner fortitude which keeps us heading in the right direction when we’d rather head in another. Still others define courage as the ability to move past painful, traumatic circumstances and still contribute something beautiful to this world. The truth is… courage is all this, and more. This anthology brings together true and fictional stories, essays, and poems that consider the concept of courage that will make you laugh, move you, and encourage you.

Inspire Courage Cover
Inspire Honor

Inspire Honor

Honor is a complex and nuanced concept. Many people worry that honor is a disappearing character trait; that we’ve lost the art of thinking of others in the way we have been biblically instructed. But have we?

This anthology is a collection of stories, poems, and pieces of nonfiction which exemplify the different forms honor takes, and the different ways it impacts, or could impact, our lives. 

Coming Soon

No Tangible Threat

A Novel, and Winner of the ACFW First Impressions Contest

Avery Morgan’s husband isn’t who she thinks he is. Discovering his true nature and a dark plot, Avery becomes entangled in a fight for her own survival. But what hope does she have when everyone keeps telling her that her fears are all in her head?

Love Takes Guts

 A Novel, and Winner of the ACFW Crown Award

Natalie Lawrence has lost everything  including her marriage   in her battle with an autoimmune disease. Convinced she is unlovable, she swears off relationships and focuses on rebuilding her life and career. But what will Natalie do when a man enters her life, determined to prove she is worthy of love?

Travel Writing

Let It Flow:
Washington’s Elwha River

This travel article details the changes of Washington’s Elwha River years after the removal of two dams. Not only did we discover a healing ecosystem, but the Elwha River showed us just how beautiful something can be when you just let it flow. 


Podcast Episodes

Step Into the Light

Join host Patti Shene on Step Into the Light as Lainey talks about her experience with an intensely life-threatening situation, how God sustained her, and what we can do to maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual health during dark times.

What’s On My Reading List

I constantly have my nose in a book… or three. Here are the titles that are currently on my nightstand, desk, and coffee table (or just about anywhere else in the house you can imagine). 

What about you? Send me a note and let me know what you’re reading, or tell me about your favorite book. I’m always looking for recommendations, and I bet you have a great one!

The Last Thing He Told Me

The Last thing he told me

By Laura Dave

When a woman’s husband goes missing, she and her step-daughter seek the truth about his disappearance at any cost.

Surrendered Devotional

Surrendered: 40 day devotional

By Barb Roose

This 40 day devotional talks about surrendering control and worry in order to let us live with freedom and joy. 

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

By Renni Browne and Dave King

It’s not enough to be a good writer; one also has to be able to edit their work well. This book is a fantastic resource for learning how edit effectively.

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